You are a company

  1. With an interest in accessing the mobile net market and Internet market in Japan?
  2. Which needs a Japanese web presence and home page tailored to appeal specifically to the Japanese market?
  3. Which needs advice and help to promote an e-commerce business effectively in Japan?
  4. Which wants to enter the Japanese market and trade/network with Japanese companies?
And you don't have the know-how or resources to do this economically and effectively.

We can provide

  1. Cost effective access to the Japanese language Internet market for non-Japanese speaking businesses.
  2. Continued back-up and support for businesses doing commerce in Japan.
  3. Expert consultation and advice on doing e-commerce in Japan.
  4. We are experts in the Japanese Internet market and as your partner we will be able to provide the best solutions and strongest back up to your enterprise.
All enquiries will be answered, please don't hesitate to contact us.